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Associate Professor in Zoology BIO05 at the Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy, University of Cagliari. Competence Center for the study of Marine Biodiversity2012: University of Cagliari, PhD in “Human and Environmental Biology and Biochemistry”. PhD Dissertation: ” The dual role of the Palinurus elephas restocking areas: useful test sites and powerful management tools”. Highest honors.

1991: Degree in Biological Sciences (curriculum Biological Ecological), “Bio ecology of Conger conger L.1758”,
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University of Cagliari, Highest honors. focus on the field of Zoology and Marine Ecology with particular interest on marine animal taxa inhabiting the Mediterranean region.

Systematic Zoology and Zoogeography with particular interest on alien species

Reproductive Biology of Aquatic Animals focus mainly on the reproductive adaptations of Osteichthyes, Chondrichthyes, Crustacea and deep species in general.

Population Dynamics and assessment studies of demersal species through the participation in international campaigns (MEDITS Mediteranean International Trawl Survey ) and national surveys (CAMPBIOL landed on the biological sampling of demersal resources ;
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GRUND National Group National Program demersal fisheries data collection)

2012 2015 PNR (Programma Nazionale delle Ricerche) PROGRAMMA RITMARE SP2_A2 Mappatura genomica delle unità di stock di specie demersali dei Mari Italiani: creazione di una base dati di genomica di popolazione per l’identificazione di stock e stock boundaries in Mullus barbatus e Parapeneaus longirostris. Cofinanziato MIUR.

2012 2015 Uso del ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) nella definizione applicativa di piani di gestione per il corallo rosso (Corallium rubrum). Finanziato MipaF e RAS.