australia ugg Time for Germany's nuclear reactors to retire

australia ugg Time for Germany’s nuclear reactors to retire

ugg uk sale Time for Germany’s nuclear reactors to retire

So, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced at the weekend that her government will seek extension to the country nuclear reactors lifetimes of between 8 and 14 years.

Germany reactors are the nuclear old men of Europe, more than ready for retirement. All nuclear reactors are dangerous and the older they are the more dangerous they become. Frau Merkel is making a grave mistake by seeking to extend the operating life of Germany nuclear reactors.

It contrary to the will of the majority of German people and is economic and ecological madness. Just how throwing a lifeline to this 60 year old, tried and failed technology can be called a is anyone guess.

Since Germany decided in 2001 to steadily phase out its nuclear reactors, it has become a world leader in clean modern renewable energy supply. So why take a step backwards? The decision to stick with old risky reactors would wipe out Germany leading position in green energy which has already created a quarter of a million new jobs.

It also a blow to the wide political and public consensus negotiated ten years ago. Numerous studies show that Germany can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide secure affordable energy supplies without nuclear reactors. In fact,
australia ugg Time for Germany's nuclear reactors to retire
because of their inflexibility, obsolete reactors have already become a major roadblock to further renewable energy growth. Germany sustainable and renewable future is now under threat. The right step forward would be to speed up the nuclear phase out.

Nearly two thirds of German citizens oppose nuclear power, and 150,000 people participated in the recent big demonstration against it. It remains to be seen whether the government has the power or the mandate to force through its wishes.

There are already several court cases running that challenge the plan for extended operation of old, unsafe nuclear reactors. If the government agrees to the proposal and the parliament approves it,
australia ugg Time for Germany's nuclear reactors to retire
Greenpeace is ready to take this challenge all the way to the Constitutional Court.